Wegmans Supply Chain Cross Dock - Quick Response

Quick Response Process Flow

    1. Ordered quantities are generated directly from a Wegmans Store through either CAO (Computer Assisted Ordering) or by the Wegmans’ Replenishment Team/Merchandising Teams.
    2. Wegmans’ Replenishment Systems generates an EDI 850 Purchase Order.
    3. Wegmans prior to its arrival, confirming exact items/quantities being shipped on that order.
    4. Upon arrival, trailer is docked at a Wegmans DC, Items/pallets will be selected and the product will be directed to the destination stores.
    5. The supplier invoices Wegmans using standard EDI 810 /880 Invoice format must match the EDI 856 ASN.

    Contact Wegmans EDI Coordinator at [email protected] for for mapping specifics and EDI questions.

Shipping Requirements

  • Pallets configured as “Store Ready” for Cross Docking should be organized and tagged appropriately to ensure timely and safe handling of product within a Wegmans DC.
    1. Pallets destined for different Stores should each have their own Pallet Label (seen here).
    2. If ordered quantities do not assemble into a full 72 cube pallet, it is acceptable for pallets to be “decked”, provided adequate labeling and product conditioning can still be met.
    3. Pallets should be labeled as “mixed product” to ensure proper segregation at a Wegmans DC.
  • Palletized item specific pallets should follow steps 2&3 above and labeling would reflect the item in place of the store #.
Wegmans Supply Chain Quick Response Label Sample
Wegmans Supply Chain Quick Response (GMDC) Only

Quick Response Program Specifications

  • Transaction sets 850, 856 and 810/880 will be formatted in a single transaction including all stores and their respective items.
  • We cannot accept shipper or assortment packs (single sku with multiple UPC’s).
  • Purchase orders will be transmitted with retail (EU) or case UPC (UP).
  • QR cannot accept minimums of any kind.
  • Pre paid freight using a 3rd party carrier (UPS/Fed Ex Ground/Express are not acceptable).
  • Deliveries should be scheduled and delivered on pre determined days by emailing for an appointment request.
  • No Backorders Accepted Product that is not shipped AND not included on the ASN.

Operational Requirements

  • Include BOL with shipment stating the total number of cases and total pallets shipped for the entire PO.
  • If multiple PO’s are shipped at the same time product should be separated by PO (delivery appointment is needed for both PO’s).
  • Provide a packing slip showing the number of cases shipped by store (and by PO # if shipping multiple PO’s).
  • Customized container labels for suppliers who ship store ready pallets/cases Store # font size must be 100 or greater (see next section).
  • Label boxes by store as 1 of XX cases on the UCC 128 label.
  • Guarantee shipment and delivery of product on pre set days.
  • Vendors that ship store ready cases pick/pack and palletize in numerical store order.
  • Product should be shipped on good wood pallets see Wegmans Pallet Policy on Wegmans.com.
Pallet Quick Response GMDC only

Store Ready Cases

  • Stores will order multiple inner packs and/or cases of items.
  • All inners ordered for one store should be put into one shipping carton vs shipping multiple small boxes. (Some store orders will warrant having more than 1 shipping carton).
  • Labeled with the UCC128 label shown below.
Box Quick Response GMDC only
Palletizing Quick Response GMDC only
Supplier Shipping Label Quick Response GMDC only
Warehouse Shipments
  • Wegmans leverages SSCC pallet labels to facilitate the inbound process.
  • An SSCC Pallet Label (Serialized Shipping Container Code) is an Industry Standard & GS1 approved method of communicating contents of a specific pallet of product.
  • There should be two SSCC labels clearly visible and affixed on the front and side of the pallet, with the label on the top third of the pallet.
  • Pallets should be organized and tagged appropriately to ensure timely & safe product handling within a Wegmans DC.
  • If quantities do not assemble into a full 72 cube pallet, it is acceptable to “deck”, provided adequate labeling and product conditioning are met.
  • Pallets with multiple items should:
    • Be marked as “Mixed Pallet” to ensure proper segregation at a Wegmans DC.
    • Be separated by a pallet to facilitate efficient depalletizing.
    • Each item have its own SSCC Pallet Label.
    • *Mixed pallet breakdown required.
SSCC Pallet Label
Mixed pallet breakdown required
  • Wegmans prefers the use of a GS1-128 Hybrid Pallet Label. Hybrid pallet labels include:
SSCC Pallet Label