Wegmans Contributes $32,000 to Yardley Community through Local Donations

Over the past year, the Yardley team has been busy building upon existing relationships in the county, and creating new connections to help make a difference in the township.

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Small Businesses Find Success on the Shelves of Wegmans 

Boss Sauce and Huntley’s Sauces are both family companies who have seen growth and name recognition because of their placement on Wegmans shelves and have expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement Wegmans has provided along the way.

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What Makes Your Wegmans Unique?

With 110 stores scattered across the East Coast, no two Wegmans stores are exactly the same. Depending on their location and the timeframe in which they were built, our stores have a variety of unique features that help differentiate them from one another.

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Kirby Branciforte, RDN and corporate nutritionist for Wegmans Food Markets.

A New Way to New Year

Restarting your approach each year like you are leaving the previous behind can be an unproductive cycle, particularly when it comes to food. Instead, look at the new year as a continuation of the last and build on experiences that provide valuable feedback for your way forward.

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