Wegmans Pallet Policy

Wegmans Pallet Standard:

At Wegmans, the safety of our people and our food is of the utmost importance, and we take it very seriously.

Please note, Wegmans does not participate in any pallet exchange programs. Wegmans will not pay for any pallet costs that are invoiced to us. Corrugated and single-use plastic pallets are not accepted without prior, written approval.

4-way pallets are required wherever possible because they can be moved and raised safely.

New or like-new pallets from pooled pallet programs are suitable for use in our facilities. Below is Wegmans’ general 9-block-style pallet standard. There will be a $32.00 chargeback for pallets that do not meet the following criteria. This pallet chargeback will only apply to Rochester Grocery, 1500 Brooks Avenue.

An acceptable 9-block pallet will contain all of the following attributes:

  • All boards must be secured with at least three nails, four nails on all lead boards.
  • Bottom lead and deck boards must be complete boards. They cannot be weakened by missing wood or partial boards.
  • Bottom lead and deck boards must not be broken or have cracks. This applies to top lead boards as well.
  • Top deck boards (non-lead boards) may have small tight cracks but must be firmly secured.
  • All blocks must be a full block. Blocks cannot be twisted, cracked horizontally or missing chunks.
  • All rental pallets must still contain 100% of the pallet’s original strength and cannot be worn to a point where they are weakened.
  • All pallets must be free of contamination.
  • All nails on the pallet must be flush and not protruding.
Pallet requirements

Example of 4-way rental pooled pallets (9-block style):

3-Way Pooled Pallets

If PECO, CHEP, iGPS, or other suitable 9-block pallets source is unavailable then whitewood pallets that meet the following criteria will be accepted:

Wegmans GMA Pallet Standard:

A quality GMA grocery-style pallet will meet the following specifications:

  • Square 48” by 40” (stringer length by board width) in good condition.
  • Hardwood, no pine or softwood will be accepted.
  • 9” by 1 1/2” notched cutouts for four-way entry.
  • Must have all five bottoms boards and at least seven top boards.
  • Top and bottom boards must be minimum 5/8” thick.
  • Stringers must be minimum 3 1/2” deep by 1 3/8” wide with minimum 2” depth over notch.
  • Top and bottom lead boards must be minimum 5 1/2” wide and located at the ends of the stringers
    • An acceptable alternate for top lead boards is two butted 3 1/2″ boards.
    • An acceptable alternate for three 3 1/2” bottom center cluster boards is two 5 1/2” boards.
  • Interior boards must be minimum 3 1/2” wide.
  • Front and rear pallet openings must accommodate a double pallet jack.
  • Maximum gap between top boards is 3 1/2”.
  • All nails must be flush and not protruding.
Pallet side view and measurements

These pallet standards are designed for Distribution Centers only. Our Food Manufacturing Centers may require additional specifications with respect to foreign contaminant, cross contaminant, and allergen exposure mitigation.