Wegmans Organic Farm & Orchard

Located in Canandaigua, New York

Harvest time at Wegmans Organic Farm & Orchard

Nestled into the sloping hills of the Finger Lakes region of New York, our very own farm has been growing organically since 2007. Our Organic Farm & Orchard began with the seed of an idea to grow the best-tasting organic fruits and veggies and has grown into a full-fledged operation that allows us to share our learnings with regional grower-partners and meet the growing demand for fresh, organic, sustainably grown produce. We innovate and develop how to grow produce with the most amazing flavor, then work with our partner-growers to supply our stores. Our mission is to source more organic veggies on the East Coast and extend the northeastern growing season.

Farm Philosophy & History

Made up of new farmers, our team innovates, trials, and calls on a community of supportive partners to develop their craft. At our Organic Farm & Orchard, growing organically is about fostering harmony and helping to inspire balance every day in the field. This balance is achieved through our team’s keen sense of observation and fine-tuning of their skills, both of which take a lot of practice.

Working with Cornell University and organic Near Our Stores partners along the East Coast, our team shares their observations and learns from families who have been growing organically for generations. This unique and diverse network of individuals, like the soil we grow in, produces a vibrant and energized environment that allows our crops to flourish.

We are passionate about innovation, and since planting our first seeds in 2007, we’ve trialed over 100 organic crops at the Organic Farm. In 2023, we’re continuing to trial tomatoes as well as winter squashes. The goal is to take the successful crops to our organic partners and have them grow these varieties exclusively for Wegmans. During the peak summer growing season, the majority of our vegetables are supplied from partner farms near our stores.

“Since planting our first seeds in 2007, we’ve trialed over 100 organic crops at the Organic Farm.”


—Wegmans Organic Farm Growing Team

Three generations of Brownbacks at Spiral Path farm in Loysville, PA

Three generations of Brownbacks at their Loysville, PA, farm

Partnering with Family Farms Near Our Stores

We partner with 24 organic partner farms along the East Coast to get the freshest organic produce to our stores. One of our long-standing partnerships is with Spiral Path Farm in Loysville, PA. They have been supplying us with organic produce, like tomatoes and salad greens, since 2003. Will Brownback, owner of Spiral Path, says, “Wegmans was able to see our vision and how it matches theirs. They recognized our high quality and our commitment. Our morals aligned very well.”


Obsession with Flavor – Tomatoes

We are on mission to grow produce that has the most amazing flavor. On sandwiches, in salads, or as a tasty snack, we love how tomatoes bring a sweet, slightly tangy flavor to so many dishes. That’s why our Organic Farm team works hard to develop and test great-tasting varieties. When we’re happy with the results, we work with partner farms to grow them exclusively for our stores.


Our Commitment to Sustainability

The Organic Farm is our center of sustainability for the company. Using the farm’s innovation and development, we’re able to share what we’ve learned with our partner growers to help them become more sustainable as well. In 2023 the farm is committed to eliminating 8,000 pounds of non-recyclable plastic from landfill, eliminating three non-recyclable products, and reducing carbon emissions.

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