Transition to Cage-Free Eggs

Original Post:  April 19, 2016

Eggs are an affordable, high-quality protein, especially important for families.

All of Wegmans brand eggs are supplied by Kreher’s Farm Fresh Eggs, a third-and fourth generation family farm in Upstate NY. We are extremely proud to work with them because they have always been committed to doing the right thing.

The demand for organic has grown in recent years, and with that, Kreher’s use of cage-free housing has expanded. A significant percentage of the eggs we sell today are cage-free organic.

We’ve worked closely with Kreher’s to determine a realistic plan for converting to all cage-free egg production at a pace that makes sense for the farm and also meets our customers’ expectations.

We will continue to work with Kreher’s, and all of our suppliers, to move toward 100% cage-free production by 2025, provided there is customer demand, adequate supply, pricing remains affordable, and cage-free production is shown to be safe.

With this transition, there are many factors to consider, and a big one is the challenge and cost of equipment and infrastructure when an entire industry will shift to a new method of production.

Converting to cage-free will increase the cost to produce eggs, but Wegmans remains committed to making this high-quality protein affordable for all.