Wellness Programs

  • Untreated, high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues can lead to heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, and other microvascular-related problems. Wegmans Senior Vice President of Pharmacy John Carlo reports (as with over 6000 of our own employees): “We’ve seen proof that collaboration can make a difference in people’s health and the quality of their lives. We are uniquely positioned to bring together drug therapy, healthy eating, and the important role a pharmacist can play.”

Managing your health can mean:

  • Fewer sick days
  • Better quality of life
  • Slowed disease progression

“Know Your Blood Pressure” Program

  • The first step in managing your blood pressure isknowing your numbers—here’s how partnering with Wegmans Pharmacy can help.

    • Convenient, professionally conducted on-site blood pressure screenings
    • Individual risk assessment for each participant by our pharmacists
    • Incentive options available to help encourage participation

    White paper on Blood Pressure Program available by request.

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Want more? Wellness Coaching

Personalized coaching from our pharmacists helps your employees get on track and stay on track towards a healthier, better life.

  • On-site or at-our-store wellness coaching by our pharmacists
  • Individual and personalized care; working one-on-one with employees to better manage their numbers; through educating, motivating, & measuring, your employees will be empowered to create change in their health
  • Program includes six one-on-one sessions with the pharmacist
  • Aggregate non-patient-specific reporting available for employers to evaluate outcomes