Healthy Eating Without Starting Over

Kirby Branciforte, RDN and corporate nutritionist for Wegmans Food Markets.

It’s that time of year when people start to feel they aren’t doing well with their healthy eating resolutions. We’re here to tell you…it’s ok. In fact, it’s more than ok, it’s great. It’s great because this is your chance to rethink what it means to engage with your personal growth. There is no need to restart each year as if we’re leaving the previous one behind. When it comes to food, past experiences provide valuable feedback for your way forward. Instead of stopping last year and starting a new one, look at each new day – in fact, each new moment – as a continuation of the last.

Take three simple steps to refresh your approach to the year ahead: Reflect, Reimagine, and Recharge.

Reflect: Where you’ve been, where you’re going

The past holds lessons about what works and – equally important – what does not. Often, we hear that people think they “failed” at a diet, maybe because it didn’t yield the results they wanted or because they couldn’t sustain that way of eating. But we have a different perspective: if an eating approach didn’t work for you, it simply means it wasn’t right for you! There is no one right way to eat, so reflect on which approaches have served you well and which you want to leave behind.

Then, ask yourself, what is one big thing that will help you feel your best? You can simply let the answer guide you forward. Or you could read more about setting goals and use our goal-setting worksheet to keep yourself accountable and measure how you’re doing.

Reimagine: How you think about food

Food has an important role in physical and emotional health, a role which goes beyond individual foods and nutrients. Each food serves a purpose, and here at Wegmans we have a Healthy Eating Philosophy:

We believe healthy eating is about nourishing your body and mind with foods that:

  • Support health
  • Fuel movement
  • Honor your cultures and traditions
  • Make you happy

Think about how the foods you enjoy provide nourishment. Do they help reduce disease risk or promote overall health? Do they give you energy to move? Are they rooted in a shared family tradition? Do they bring you joy? These are all important pieces of health, and all ways that food can help you feel your best.

Recharge: With resources and inspiration

Sometimes we just need a spark! Explore below: choose your own adventure and navigate your way to the inspiration and help you need this new year. Consider what works well for you, the many ways food nourishes you, and how to support your one big thing.

I want affordable options that support my goals

At Wegmans, we have a commitment to Consistent Low Prices on the items you use most, and have even put some of these items together in affordable meals that can be quickly and easily assembled.

I want to fuel my movement

If this sounds like you, check out our Eat like a Pro page. Here you will find tips for building meals that support you before, during, and after activity. You’ll even find guidance and solutions for hydration & snacking!

I want to build a healthy relationship with food

We’re with you there! Often an overlooked piece of healthy eating, the way we feel about food has an impact on our overall health. To get started nurturing a healthy relationship with food, check out:

  • Mindful Eating to learn about slowing down and being present while eating
  • Food Freedom to discover how to let go of judgment and tune in to what nourishes you

I want to watch food & health videos

You’ve come to the right place! Our team of Wegmans Nutritionists has a library of on-demand webinars and videos where you can delve into a variety of nutrition topics such as type 2 diabetes, living gluten free, and plant-forward eating.

I want all the above!

We get it – this is all good stuff! We suggest exploring This has all our best nutrition & health content, videos, and product and meal solutions based on your needs. There’s something for everyone!

One of our employees shares, “I always look to our Wegmans nutrition team when I need food or nutrition help for myself or my family. From the Feel Your Best page to webinars, I always trust I will find realistic advice for an approach to healthy eating. There’s a clear understanding of how busy life can be and a focus on providing recommendations that are easy to add into your routine.”

Instead of “New You,” embrace all that you have done and learned. This year – and all the years to come – we hope you feel capable and supported so you can feel your best!

Kirby Branciforte, RDN, is a corporate nutritionist for Wegmans Food Markets.