more sparkle less sugar
more sparkle less sugar

Wegmans Kombucha Spritzer

A Bubbly Beverage with Bright Fruit Flavors

It’s our authentic fermented Kombucha with a splash of sparkling water and 40% less sugar than regular Kombucha! Learn more about the benefits of Kombucha and gut health.

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From raspberry to cranberry, mango to mint, there’s
a flavor for everyone to love.

From raspberry to cranberry, mango to mint, there’s a flavor for everyone to love.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wegmans Brand Kombucha Spritzer is a lighter version of our kombucha. We use our kombucha as the base and add lemon sparkling water to create a light and refreshing drink.

Yes, Wegmans Brand Kombucha Spritzer contains the probiotic DE111® Bacillus subtilis, however in smaller amounts compared to our Wegmans Brand Kombucha. There are 1 Billion CFUs of the probiotic in our bottle of Kombucha, and 500 million CFUs in our can of Kombucha Spritzer. The Bacillus subtilis in this Kombucha beverage may help support the body’s digestive system.

No, Wegmans Brand Kombucha Spritzer is not pasteurized in order to preserve the probiotic organisms in the product. Pasteurization kills the “good bugs.”

Yes. Wegmans Brand Kombucha Spritzer must be refrigerated.

Our Wegmans Brand Kombucha is the base of our Kombucha Spritzers. Sugar or a sugar source (ex. fruit juice) is necessary for fermentation. We use a traditional brewing method which means tea, sugar, and a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) ferment for 7-21 days. During the fermentation process, sugar is the food source for the culture. Some of the sugar gets changed into acids in kombucha which may be beneficial to a person’s gut health. Once our kombucha has gone through the fermentation process, we add juices and concentrates to create flavors that have broad customer appeal.