Easy Lunches

Quick and convenient—that’s our midday motto. So we’ve put together these lunches that are easy to assemble and take minutes to make.

Peanut Butter and Jammin'

Add a little crunch to this creamy PB&J classic with some animal crackers and apple wedges.

Ham Rollup

Roll up your favorite ham, cheese, and tortilla and this lunch is ready! Serve it with a cheese stick and chocolate milk for a complete meal.

Homemade Lunch Box

The possibilities are endless for a flavor-packed lunchbox with bite-sized bits like turkey, berries, and cheese and crackers.

Pepperoni Sandwich

A pepperoni and cheese sandwich with a side of sweet peppers makes for a sweet and spicy combo!

Soup and Salad

Pair some chicken noodle soup with our Southwest Salad and a side of carrots and hummus for a satisfying lunch.