For the Love of Cheese

Wegmans Cheese Caves

Perfectly ripened cheese, ready to enjoy!

If you love cheese, like we do, you know it’s all about how great tasting it is when it’s perfectly ripe. That’s why we built our own caves with an environment that mimics Europe’s famed caves.

Our state-of-the-art 12,300 sq. ft. building houses a dedicated room for Brie cheeses and seven “caves” where soft and washed-rind cheese are nurtured to delicious ripeness. Several different kinds of cheeses can be ripened within the facility at a time, but they’re ripened in separate caves to keep their flavors distinct.

We’ve trained our Cheese Shop teams in stores to know just which cheese is perfect for any occasion.

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Bringing you the perfect cheese

Here’s how the cheese you find in our Cheese Shop goes from green to great!

It takes a lot of hard work to make our Cheese Shop a true destination for cheese-lovers! We start by sourcing the best artisan cheeses, then ripen and enhance them in our own Cheese Caves. Our in-store misting cases ensure that these cheeses are ready for you to enjoy, and our specially trained employees are on-hand to help you select the cheese that’s perfect for you.

Step 1

Partnering with the best suppliers

Artisan cheesemakers from near our stores and around the world hand-select unripened or “green” cheeses especially for Wegmans. They trust our dedicated Cheese Cave team to carefully nurture their hand-made cheeses to the peak of ripeness.

Step 2

Ripening in our Cheese Caves

Different types of cheeses require very specific environments to achieve their finest flavors and textures, so our Cheese Cave has seven distinct ripening rooms with carefully calibrated “climates.”

Step 3

Enhancing the cheese

As they ripen, “green” cheeses are flipped, and/or washed with ingredients like wines and spirits to create one-of-a-kind cheeses just for you.

Step 4

The magic of our in-store misting cases

Our misting cases are the next stop for the now perfectly ripened cheeses—the uniquely modified environment maintains ideal flavor and texture. We offer dozens of exceptional cheeses in this case.

Behind the scenes at our Cheese Caves

Meet Mathieu, our Cheese Cave Affineur

Mathieu Callol

“Everything’s a dream here,” says Mathieu Callol, our new Cheese Cave affineur (that’s a French term for those who lead cheese to its peak of perfection). “I’m very excited to work for Wegmans because they care about their people, their customers, their suppliers, and their products.”

Born in Dijon, France, Mathieu obtained a Master’s degree in dairy production and biotechnology from one of France’s most prestigious institutions. He spent several years honing his craft both as a research and development project manager and technician for renowned European cheese-making operations. His great connections with these important manufacturers will mean new sources of incredible cheeses for Wegmans.

Mathieu brings a unique combination of extensive training, years of experience, a love of innovation, and a French-born culinary passion to our Cheese Caves. “I want to use my expertise to help our team create distinctive new cheeses for Wegmans customers,” Mathieu says. “The wonderful part of cheese is that it is a never-ending discovery!”

Mathieu Callol
Sake 2 Me

Sake 2 Me

This exclusive Wegmans washed-rind cheese is washed with sake (Japanese rice beer) as it ages in our own Cheese Caves. It’s creamy and smooth, with a unique, complex flavor that’s pungent and savory with milky-grassy notes.

This year, it won a bronze medal at the World Cheese Competition, a showcase for international cheeses from 42 nations.

Cheese Done Right

Award Winners

We’re very excited that three of our unique cheeses – Professor’s Brie, We Be Chivin and Sweet 16 recently won medals at the 2019 American Cheese Society Conference!

award winning brie

Professor’s Brie

American Cheese Society 2019 2nd place Best of Show and Gold Medal winner

Named in honor of David Galton, retired Cornell professor and co-owner of Old Chatham Sheepherding Company, where this delicious cheese is crafted from sheep and cow’s milk just for us.

Taste: Lush and buttery with a mushroomy rind

Texture: Rich & supple

award winning Full Ver Monty

Full Ver-Monty

Placed 3rd in its class at the 2019 United States Championship Cheese Contest 

Mat Callol from our Cheese Caves partnered with Jeremy Stephenson from Vermont’s Spring Brook Farm to create our exclusive new Alpine-style cheese, The Full Ver-Monty.

Taste: Raw milk cheese with a fresh, buttery, nutty taste

Texture: Smooth, melt-on-your-tongue texture



Won a Silver award at 32nd annual 2019-2020 World Cheese Awards, a showcase for international cheeses from 42 nations.  

Made in a small French village and sent to our Cheese Caves where we wash it with our own apple cider and ripen it to perfection.

Taste: A nutty, creamy and savory flavor

Texture: Supple, , melt-in-your-mouth texture

award winning 1916


American Cheese Society 2018 Gold Medal winner & customer favorite

Vermont Creamery’s French cheesemaker Adeline Druart worked with us to create this fresh-tasting, silky aged goat cheese, named for the year Wegmans was founded.

Taste: Sweet with a delicate, inviting tang, with floral hints of goat cheese

Texture: Silky and creamy under the rind with a mildly fudgy dense core