Our Favorite Summer Recipes & Meals

Switch up your summer meals with some fresh flavors. Our chef-developed recipes incorporate the best of what’s in season.

Recipes & Techniques

Our collection of summer recipes has a little something for everyone: meat lovers, veggie lovers, those with special diets, and those who love the grill.

Summer Recipes by Ingredients

From red and white meat to seafood and vegetarian recipes, here are our top recipes starring your favorite ingredients.

Grilled Cilantro Chicken

Delicious steak, chicken wings, and BBQ ribs! Get the grill ready because we’re serving up so many easy recipes to cook up all the best things for lunch or dinner.

Angus Burger

Medium rare with relish and mustard? Well done with extra cheese and bacon? No matter how you like your hamburgers, we’ve got the most flavorful recipes to make a good burger at home.

EZ Meals

No recipes needed! Just use our simple step-savers and effortless pairings to make these delicious, easy meals.

Grilled Buffalo Chicken Meal

Our juicy, tender meat is perfectly marinated for deep flavor.

Grilled Cedar Plank American Salmon Meal

Our best ingredients go into these easy meals, ready for your grill, oven or slow cooker.

Near Our Stores Ribeye Steak Meal

Prepare your entrée using our simple cooking techniques, and add delicious, easy sides.

Southwest Black Bean Burger Meal

Chef-created entrées to have on hand in your freezer, with effortless pairings to complete your meal.

View our Ready-to Eat Meals

Your next meal’s easy with these delicious choices, prepared fresh daily and ready to enjoy.

view our easy pasta pairings

Find the perfect sauce for your favorite pasta dish.