Sakanaya 魚屋 (Fish Market)

Located downstairs at Wegmans Astor Place, NYC

Wegmans Sakanaya
Sakanaya at Astor Place
Madai (Red Seabream)

A fish market unlike any other

At Astor Place in NYC, we are proud to offer you some of the most unique, freshest, and highest quality seafood in the world through our Sakanaya (“fish market” in Japanese). Offerings include hundreds of species from Tokyo’s world-famous Toyosu Fish Market, as well as world-class domestic seafood options from along the East Coast.

Our fishmongers are expanding their knowledge and skills by working side-by-side with embedded teachers from Japan. This commitment to continuous learning allows us to bring our fish in whole, preserving freshness as long as possible before we custom cut it for you. Don’t have time to wait? We also cut our fish throughout the day and package it fresh for your grab-and-go convenience.

Madai (Red Seabream)

One-of-a-kind offerings from the Toyosu market

The Toyosu Fish Market is a 4.3M-square-foot facility in Tokyo, Japan that opened in 2018, becoming the largest wholesale fish market in the world. Built as a marketplace for seafood professionals, Toyosu’s fast-paced auctions of tuna, scallops, and uni draw tourists from around the globe hoping to get a glimpse of the action. No other retailer in the U.S. has formed relationships in the Toyosu Fish Market like Wegmans. By collaborating with Uoriki, one of Japan’s premier fishmongers, we have been able to establish a fast and direct supply chain for seafood that does not often leave Japan. In fact, our on-site Toyosu seafood selector worked at Wegmans for years to fully understand our customer’s expectations and personally ensures that only the very best is chosen for you.

Sakanaya Fish Monger Adrian Hutchins

Highly skilled fishmongers

Our fishmonger, Adrian Hutchins, has been with us for more than 10 years and has built a passion for seafood and sushi. At Astor Place, he will learn alongside expert fishmongers and Sakanaya teachers from Japan to further hone his seafood preparation skills and cutting techniques. To truly be a seafood expert, Adrian also needs to understand the source, and that’s why he has already begun visiting our network of fishing families and processors on the East Coast. Eventually, his training will culminate in a visit to Japan to work as a fishmonger and experience the seafood culture. Adrian will then become a Sakanaya teacher himself, training even more teachers, helping us build upon what he has learned, and sharing his knowledge with all of our Wegmans stores.

Sakanaya Fish Monger Adrian Hutchins