Embracing Reusable Bags for a Better Tomorrow

family holding groceries in reusable bags

We know single-use bags and the negative impact they have on our environment has been an increasing concern. Plastic bags can litter our land and waterways.

Through experience and research, we’ve learned the best long-term solution to the problem is to replace single-use checkout bags (both paper and plastic) with reusable bags. When used as intended—repeatedly and in place of plastic and paper bags—reusable bags are the best option for the environment.

Reusable bags also offer more convenience. Our customers who regularly use them, say they enjoy the sturdiness, handles, and ease of packing. Reusable bags also hold more groceries without breaking or tearing, requiring fewer bags per shopping trip than paper or plastic bags.

We understand creating new habits takes time, but we encourage you to give reusable bags a try, and we think you’ll really like them.

Start making a difference with these Earth-friendly options