Pharmacy Curbside Pickup

We are happy to provide a safe and easy option for picking up your prescriptions from your local Wegmans Pharmacy.

Wegmans Curbside Pickup

Please follow the process outlined below:

1. Confirm that your prescription is ready by receipt of a text or phone notification or by calling us.

2. Call the Pharmacy at the phone number in the text notification and provide us with a credit card number over the phone to process your payment.

3. Locate the Pharmacy Pickup area in our parking lot and call the phone number on the sign in your parking spot to alert us of your arrival.

4. We will happily deliver your prescription to your vehicle—please have a valid form of ID available.

This curbside service will be available from 9am-7pm Monday-Friday and during normal weekend business hours.

If you have general questions about this process, please call our Pharmacy team at (877) 934-2479.

Prescription Home Delivery

For existing Pharmacy customers, switching your prescriptions to Home Delivery is easy.