Immune Support

Immune health is about food, gut health, movement, and more. See simple changes you can make to support the strength of your immune system.


Wonderful Watermelon!

Sweet, refreshing, and good for you, watermelon serves up these nutrients to support your immune system and overall health.

Vitamin A

  • Plays a known role in eye health
  • Helps reinforce immune “barriers” like our skin
  • Supports immune cells responsible for making antibodies
  • Helps vaccines work properly


  • A plant compound that gives watermelon its red color
  • May play a role in the prevention of prostate cancer
  • Believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping fight inflammation that can impair our immune system


  • It’s right in the name—and hydration is essential for our immune system function
  • Food provides 20% of our fluids and watermelon is over 90% water!

No wonder this seasonal favorite finds its way to the picnic table in the summer heat! Try it frozen, in a drink, in fruit salad or in one of our favorite watermelon recipes.