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Meal Planning &
Shopping Made Easy

With a little advance meal planning, you’ll already know the answer to the question—What’s for dinner tonight? To keep it easy, we’ve created tools that help you plan simple meals, create a shopping list, and navigate our stores to find what you’re looking for!

Check out our Meal Planning & Shopping Guide for tips on how to easily stock your kitchen with healthy, affordable options that support your goals.

Mediterranean Chicken meal
planning your meals
planning your meals

What’s for dinner tonight
(and the rest of the week)

Planning helps you balance meals and your budget! Use our recipe database and the Wegmans App to create a personalized list of healthy, affordable family-favorite meals.

Use our extensive recipe database

You can search for recipes or meal ideas based on course (appetizers, desserts, entrees, sides), ingredients, or nutritional info, like calories, carbohydrates, and Wellness Keys.

Nutrition Tip

What you eat is one of the most important ways to feel your best. Use our healthy eating guidelines to enjoy a healthier, better life through food. Sorting by Wellness Keys and nutritional info is great for those with special dietary needs, like diabetes and gluten-sensitivity.

Timesaver Tip

Our EZ Meal Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat items can be real timesavers. Great examples are our Fresh Cut Veggies that eliminate prep time, Oven-Safe Meat and Seafood Entrees, and Power Meals, complete, highly nutritious meals in one bowl.

building your list
building your list
power meal

Find what you need and compare options even before you shop

When you select a recipe, you can add all the ingredients—or only the ones you need—right to your list from the recipe. The recipe and ingredient amount for that recipe will be included as a note in the list.

Timesaver Tips

Building your list maps out an in-store route for your shopping trip, with department and aisle locations for each item. Create and save lists to use again and again.

Save time with “My Items” feature, which shows recently and frequently purchased items.

Sending someone else to the store? Email your completed list to them.

Nutrition Info

Find nutritional information on recipes and restaurant foods before you shop. As you search for Wegmans recipes or products online or in the app, you can:

View nutrition info on all recipe ingredients.

Get nutrition info on our Ready to Eat Restaurant Foods.

Recipe Tips

Buying ingredients for a special recipe? Enter the recipe’s name in the “Add Note” section (you can even list the amount needed of that item to help you stay organized).

Use filters (along left navigation bar) to search for specific brands, organic, Food You Feel Good About, Wellness Keys, and more.

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