Summer Kickoff Menu

Start the season with this fresh menu of tangy grilled chicken paired with summer’s best seasonal salads.

Seasoned Chicken

Kick off your most flavorful cookout ever with our new Seasoned Chicken, made with spices, herbs, and hints of onion and garlic. It’s the perfect base for any of our great BBQ sauces. Grill it then layer on flavor with your favorite sauce.



Seasoned Chicken Cutlets

Pick Your BBQ Sauce

Slather on the sauce you love best—we’ve got lots of options, like these!


Flavor: Tangy
Sweet ripe tomato, molasses, brown sugar, tangy vinegar.

Carolina Gold

Flavor: Zesty
Spicy mustard with honey, tomato, & chipotle peppers.

Brown Sugar

Flavor: Smoky
Spicy-sweet with a peppery kick & hickory smokiness.

Sweet BBQ

Flavor: Sweet
Molasses, tomato, sweet citrus,
& pepper.

penne pasta

Choose Your Sides

Classic sides like penne salad and corn pair perfectly with the tangy flavor of grilled chicken.

rhubarb crostata

Finishing Touches

From rustic berry crostatas to refreshing drinks, these finishing touches are great all summer.

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