Humanely raised on family farms

Sourced with Pride.

Food with such great flavor is irresistible. That’s why we partner with family farms and ranches near our stores and across the globe, selecting hard-working families that share our commitment to exceptional quality, sustainability, the highest standards for animal welfare, and a dedication to making sure everything stays fresh, from farm to store. It’s a collaboration that allows us to learn from each other, sharing ideas and inspiration that help bring delicious meals to your table.

The McMillen Family

“What we believe to be true is what we live by. Family is really important.”

Since 1785, the McMillen family has been working their heritage cattle farm that’s nestled in the mountains of Pennsylvania’s Perry County. “We’ve gone from horsepower to machine and added acreage, but our work ethic, moral values, and Christian faith have remained the same,” says Clee McMillen. “What we believe is really important.”

Clee and his daughter Chloe are 7th and 8th generations to care for their land and the animals, a job they take seriously and genuine humility. “We’re only stewards, ‘ says Clee. “A lot of people worked this land before we got here.”

During the 12-18 months it takes to grow cattle to market size, their 325-head mostly Angus breed herd grazes on their own lush pasturelands, then feed exclusively on homegrown grains from the farm’s 375 acres.

“We keep things quiet and low-stress for the animals, “says Chloe. “it’s very satisfying to turn the new cattle out to pasture and see them comfortable and grazing.”

McMillen employees