Hand-Harvested from the Chesapeake Bay

Fresh, tender clams from a 5th generation Virginia family

Cherrystone Aquafarm
Cherrystone Aquafarm

Clams from Cherrystone Aqua-Farms

Ever had a gritty clam? You probably weren’t eating Cherrystone Aqua-Farms clams then.  To make sure you enjoy cleaner, tastier clams, Cherrystone’s 5th-generation owners, the Ballard family, recently partnered with Wegmans to install a post-harvest process that significantly removes and reduces grit. Thanks to this shared commitment to sustainability, quality, and freshness, we’ve been partnering with the Ballard family for decades.

Growing tasty clams naturally

It takes 3 years to grow a clam from “seed” to shell in the shallow waters of the Chesapeake Bay along Virginia’s eastern shore. These clams are grown using the best sustainable methods, in Chesapeake’s clean waters, raised in the same way they would naturally grow in the wild. Cherrystone even raises their own feed for the clams in special tanks overseen by their team botanists. Once the carefully nurtured clams are plump, tender, and ready to enjoy, they’re hand-harvested and shipped to us twice weekly, typically within 48 hours of being lifted out of the Bay.

These clams are grown using the best sustainable methods, in the Chesapeake’s clean waters

Cherrystone Aquafarm

A longtime partnership

We met Cherrystone in March 1996, when a pending Memorial Day clam shortage sent our Seafood Team scouting for new suppliers. The aqua-farm was much smaller then, so they were only able to help out by supplying clams for one of our New York stores. But our Seafood team was so impressed with the Ballard’s dedication to sustainability and quality, they started working with them to expand their business and the partnership. Today, Cherrystone is North America’s largest aqua-farm and sends truckloads of their delicious clams to all our stores, keeping our seafood-loving customers happy year-round.

Clams on the Grill

These plump, juicy clams are delicious on the grill—especially served with a bowl of melted Butter Boy French butter! Add these to your Happy Hour menu—here’s how.

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