Wegmans Transportation and Receiving

Efficient Transportation

At Wegmans, we prefer to arrange our incoming freight whenever it is logistically possible. If you are interested in becoming a carrier for Wegmans, please send an email request to [email protected]. You will receive an email response from Intesource with a contact name and number if you have any questions regarding the process. Intesource will compile the information that was requested and send to Wegmans.

Backhaul Loading Standards

Wegmans backhaul pickups are expected to have a weight limit of 42,000 pounds and are built using quality standards for axle weight distribution. If a load does not meet these requirements, Wegmans may choose to turn back the transportation of the freight to the vendor.

Delivery Appointment Scheduling

Please note that all Wegmans facilities require a scheduled appointment time. This procedure allows for efficient coordination of our receiving operations. Receiving appointments are required on all shipments regardless of shipment method used. Please see the Appointment Scheduling page for further details.

Efficient Store Replenishment

In the spirit of Efficient Store Replenishment, we prefer the use of Mods and Shippers whenever appropriate. Please call your merchant and buyer with any questions.

Non-Perishable Receiving Requirements

Outside drivers or contractors entering Wegmans facilities are required to check in with the Security Stations at each site. This will allow for your paperwork and PO to be verified.

  • Cases must be clearly labeled with product description and Case UPC code.
  • Wegmans Cross Distribution and Cross Dock cases should be tagged by Store number.
  • Cases must be secured and suitable for potential conveyor selection.
  • All pallets must be secured with shrink wrap.
    • Plastic netting or plastic/metal bands are not acceptable
  • Product must be within confines of the pallet.
  • Packing List must be attached to the Bill of Lading.
  • Product must deliver on pallets – no floor loads or slip sheet loads.
    • Floor loads are allowed on Import Containers when Wegmans is the importer of record.
  • Pallet Quality, please see Pallet Policy link.
  • The carrier is responsible for transferring product to new pallets if shipped on inferior quality pallets.
  • The carrier is responsible for sorting and segregating all products by item. We do have a lumping service available for hire.
  • Mis-shipped or damaged product:
    • Will be returned at the vendor’s expense.
    • If Wegmans has to accept the product and wait for a return authorization there will be a handling charge assessed, the amount will be determined by the complexity of the order.
  • There will be no handling charge assessed if the delivering carrier allows the product to be refused at time of delivery.
  • See below for additional receiving requirements for delivery to Wegmans Seasonal Warehouse c/o Genco, 61 Green Mountain Rd. Hazleton, PA
    • When a standard delivery truck/box truck such as UPS or Fed-Ex delivers to our facility, whether or not they enter the yard, they may not deliver any more than twenty-five (25) packages from a vendor. If a vendor has shipped any more than twenty five (25) cases with a delivery truck, their packages will be refused and asked to make an SGM appointment with the PO number.