Women’s History Month

Women's History Month

Women's History Month

Using the Library of Congress as a point of reference, through our Heritage Months, we recognize the history and contributions of various cultures by providing education and context as well as employee recognition, deeply rooted in storytelling around food, family, and tradition.

About Women’s History Month

In 1981, Congress authorized and requested the president to proclaim the week beginning March 7, 1982 as “Women’s History Week.” Throughout the next five years, Congress continued to pass joint resolutions designating a week in March as “Women’s History Week.” After years of petitioning by the National Women’s History Project, Congress designated the month of March 1987 as “Women’s History Month.” Every president since has proclaimed March as such. Our theme for Women’s History Month 2024 is “Empowered Women, Empower Women.” (Source: womenshistorymonth.gov)

A Message From Colleen & Nicole Wegman

“As women in leadership at Wegmans, we have the opportunity to share our passion for empowering others across the company. This year’s theme of ‘Empowered Women, Empower Women’ is directly tied to our company value of empowerment, and we’re embracing it more than ever to create a culture that allows women to elevate and inspire one another at every level. Today, we are truly proud to share that nearly half of our senior leaders are strong, talented women who empower and uplift the next generation every day.”

Colleen Wegman, CEO and President
Nicole Wegman, President of Wegmans Brand

Recognizing Women within Wegmans

Rebecca R.

Service and Merchandising Area Manager, 11 years of service

“I have had the opportunity to work with many inspirational women within Wegmans. I have been able to take pieces from each of them as I continue to learn and grow my career at Wegmans. Chrystina V. has been a mentor to me since I was a part-time coordinator on the front end and has continued to be a mentor to me, whether it was to lend a listening ear or to advise me. She has always been there for me in my professional development as well as in my personal life. She has taught me how to lead by example and to be a leader who listens and cares with intent. Chrystina taught me the importance of being there for employees and building relationships rooted in trust and respect. She has always pushed me outside of my comfort zone and was always there for me if I had any questions. I am grateful for Chrystina’s encouragement, support, guidance, and mentorship.”

Ja’Tavia B.

Merchandising Area Manager, 20 years of service

“After a number of years, I had the opportunity to work with Tanisha L-S. again. During this time, I was able to witness several admirable qualities that stuck with me. Tanisha always provided the same level of care, respect, and thoughtful honesty for each employee no matter their title or the situation they were dealing with. Tanisha was always willing to share knowledge to help others be better. Tanisha has an innate ability to empathize with others, allowing her to build and sustain several relationships. I knew that Tanisha made an impact on others not only because of what I witnessed and experienced, but also when others shared how they felt about their interactions with Tanisha. Tanisha was always there to provide me with support on employee situations and provide relatable advice on a personal level. I appreciate and respect Tanisha for who she is, how she treats people, and her ability to consistently stand up for what is right for others. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with her and learn from her!”

“It’s our belief that if you lead with your heart and do what’s right, everything else will fall into place.”

– Colleen Wegman

Community Spotlight

Featured Article

Our Reason to Run

We’re devoted to being a good neighbor in every community we serve, and we partner with various organizations to help make a difference. One such organization is Girls on the Run (GOTR), a nonprofit that teaches life skills through interactive lessons to girls in third through eighth grade. Each year, our work with GOTR culminates with a celebratory 5K.

Our Suppliers

Wegmans is proud to partner with women-founded and owned businesses.

Michele Tsucalas

Michele’s Granola

Michele Tsucalas started Michele’s Granola in 2006. She and her team still bake every batch from scratch with all-natural ingredients, including organic and conventional. The company donates 1% of sales to organizations working to make nutritious food accessible to all.

Cassandra Curtis

Once Upon A Farm

Cassandra Curtis co-founded Once Upon a Farm in 2015 to create nutritious, delicious baby food. She began selling her cold-pressed products, joining with industry leader John Foraker and actress, philanthropist, and mom Jennifer Garner to grow her company.

Samantha Abrams

Emmy’s Organics

Samantha Abrams founded Emmy’s Organics in her home kitchen in 2009 with a vision to make better treats. Today, Emmy’s makes delicious gluten-free and vegan cookies, brownie snaps, and more using high-quality, all-organic ingredients.