Sustainability Spotlight

See how we’re celebrating our people and their efforts around our sustainability goals!

Working Toward Zero Waste

On the road to zero waste, our ultimate goal is to reduce, reuse or recycle everything, leaving nothing for the landfill.

Our Syracuse and Virginia divisions have achieved record success by creating a waste-nothing culture that’s driven by passion, competition, and teamwork.

Roc Paper Straws and Wegmans employees pose together.

Partnering Locally for Paper Straws

When a new local distributer of paper straws popped up on our radar, our sustainability team took note. We piloted the new straws from Roc Paper Straws in two of our Rochester-area restaurants before ultimately rolling them out company-wide, reducing our carbon footprint and offering our customers a better local product.

Growing Sustainability

The Organic Farm is the center of sustainability for Wegmans.

Our farm team is made up of individuals passionate about driving initiatives that create a truly self-sufficient and sustainable farm, and passing those successes on to our partner growers and across the company.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

As we strive to achieve our long-term goal of operating a carbon-free fleet, our fleet and sustainability teams are making headway through the use of alternative fuels, electrification, and collaborative partnerships with technology suppliers. Wegmans truck driver Rob and yardman Greg shared how our path to a greener fleet is not only good for the environment, but also for our people and our company.