Our Mission: What We Believe

At Wegmans, we believe that good people, working toward a common goal, can accomplish anything they set out to do.

In this spirit, we set our goal to be the very best at serving the needs of our customers. Every action we take should be made with our customers in mind.
We also believe that we can achieve our goal only if we fulfill the needs of our own people.

To our CUSTOMERS and our PEOPLE we pledge continuous improvement, and we make the commitment: Every day you get our best.

Our continuous improvement goal at Wegmans is to minimize Supply Chain costs in introducing and replenishing goods to the consumer. As part of our simplification efforts, we have isolated four main areas of supply chain focus:

Simplified New Item Setup
We have simplified the new item process by standardizing all new item forms to include critical logistic data.

Simplified Transportation
The Wegmans Logistics Team, partnering with Indirect Procurement, is able to provide transportation support nationally and internationally. Covering both perishable and non-perishable products, we can ensure delivery utilizing our strong base of carrier partners and Wegmans Fleet.

Simplified Receiving
Accurate and efficient receiving is our priority. Our distribution network continues to work toward supply chain efficiency to find additional synergies with our vendor partners.

Simplified Store Replenishment
We best serve our customers by ensuring your product is on our shelves.

Through all of these efforts, we can better align our supply chains to provide incredible customer service. Our efforts toward supply chain simplification have included a significant investment in our distribution and logistics networks. New systems and processes have been implemented to provide better tools for our team members.

We hope this guide will provide the foundation you need to grow your partnership with our organization. If you have any questions, please direct them to the following email: [email protected].