Simplified New Item Setup

To find a “New Item Setup” document file, please click on (See the Merchandising tab, and choose the department form that fits your product.)

Accurate new item information is critical to the efficient introduction of new items. (General Merchandise items require additional information; please see the Merchandising tab for required information)

  • Please complete all fields requested on the New Item Fact Sheet.
  • Verify all case weight and measurement data.
  • Uniform case dimensions and ti/tier on every shipment.
  • Always refer to the link for updated new item setup forms.

Product Identification Requirements
As a vendor of Wegmans, we require that you identify your products with UPC barcodes (also known as EAN/UPC Symbols) that can be scanned at point of sale in our retail stores.

Your UPC barcode symbols must include a valid Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®), the first part of which includes a GS1/UPC Company Prefix. The GS1/UPC Company Prefix (Manufacturer’s ID Number) must be unique and identify your company as the brand owner of your products. This prefix will ensure that all the numbers you assign to your products will be uniquely identified and linked only to your company. In the United States, GS1/UPC Company Prefixes are assigned by GS1 US, a not-for-profit organization. Click here to apply for your GS1/UPC Company Prefix.

GTINs, when properly used with a GS1 Company Prefix, will uniquely identify both the consumer level (retail) and shipping containers sold through our stores. GS1 US provides simple tools and guidelines for proper utilization of your GTINs without requiring detailed GS1 Standards knowledge and offers print options for your barcodes and products. GS1 US Customer Service can also help you with your barcode and electronic commerce questions, and provide guidance on the efficient use of your GS1 Company Prefix for your growing business needs. For details, visit or contact them by email at [email protected] or call +1 937-435-3870.