Wegmans Food Safety & Temperature Standards


As part of the process to ensure that Wegmans offers the safest foods to our customers, we are continuously looking at ways to improve our inbound product temperature program at our distribution centers. The purpose of this document is to outline the required temperature standards for each of our distribution centers, along with seafood categories. These are in compliance with the Department of Agriculture and Markets, FDA, USDA, and DEC.

Please note, the Food Code states that if the retail package or shipping case states “Keep Refrigerated”, it is interpreted by regulators as a requirement for food safety reasons, with mandatory storage below 41 degrees F.

The temperatures outlined below are industry standards that all suppliers and carriers are expected to meet. Failure to comply shall result in rejection of the delivery in question.


This document applies to temperatures of inbound product coming into Wegmans distribution centers located in Rochester, NY and Pottsville, PA.

Responsibilities and Methods

Wegmans Perishable Distribution Center:


33 deg F to 40 deg F

Citterio dried cured and fermented products*

33 deg F to 50 deg F

*Dried cured and fermented products are considered shelf stable and may be kept at temperature over 45 deg F for an extended period of time without affecting their safety and shelf life. Furthermore, under HACCP rules, the initial microbial counts of products are insignificant. Packaging, either modified atmosphere or vacuum packaging also prevents further microbial growth. The wholesomeness of these products is not affected as high as 50 deg F.

The following items are considered dry cured products:
Prosciutto (Italian Classic, Di Parma, Boneless Cubetti, Organic Parma), Culatello, Bresaola, Speck

The following are considered fermented products:
Sopressata, Calabrese (DHS), Milano, Abuzzese (DSS), Genoa, Hard Salami

Fresh Meat

28 deg F to 40 deg F

Deli Meats

33 deg F to 40 deg F

Cheese, Mediterranean Bar products

33 deg F to 45 deg F


Frozen retail packaged (ready to eat or raw)

< 10 deg F

Frozen raw seafood (not retail packaged)

< 10 deg F

Refrigerated seafood histamine producer

< 40 deg F

Smoked fish

< 38 deg F

Pasteurized crab

< 40 deg F

Unpasteurized crab

< 38 deg F

Seafood salads

< 40 deg F

Live shell stock

< 45 deg F – air temperature
< 50 deg F – internal temperature

All other products

< 40 deg F

*Under Seafood HACCP, there are corrective actions for each of these categories, should they be found out of compliance to our standard.

Wegmans Frozen Food Distribution Center:

Frozen Food

≤ 10 deg F

Frozen Items (Pork, Duck, Goat)

≤ 10 deg F

Ice Cream

≤ -10 deg F

Seafood (see above)

Frozen Bakery

– 20 deg F to + 10 deg F

Please note, Wegmans Perishable Distribution Centers shall automatically refuse any load coming into them on a dry box.