Data Synchronization

What is Data Synchronization?

  • Global data synchronization is the electronic transfer of standardized product and location information between trading partners continuously via a central global repository, which is called the GS1 Global RegistryTM.
  • Synchronize product information including item attributes controlled by the supplier, e.g., Global Trade Item Number® (GTIN®), size, weight, height, brand, UPC bar code number, etc.
  • Data synchronization through the Global Data Synchronization Network® (GDSN®) allows real-time item maintenance for specific fields and provides standards-based synchronized data that reduces inefficiencies in the supply chain.
Data Synchronization

Steps to Get Started

1. Prepare Your Data

2. Choose a Data Pool

  • Wegmans has chosen 1WorldSyncTM as its GS1-certified data pool, and recommends that vendors consider the advantages offered by 1WorldSync, or your chosen data pool.

3. Publish Your Data

  • Publish all products that are sold to Wegmans via the GDSN. (Wegmans’ GLN is 0077890000007.)
  • Be sure to provide any data updates/modifications throughout the lifecycle of your product, following the GS1 GTIN Management Rules:

4. Manage Confirmation (CIC) Responses from Wegmans

For additional information about GS1 standards, please visit their website at