Guidelines for Case Design for Safe Handling

Shipping cases that are designed within the following design qualities will reduce the risk of exceeding the lifting strength capabilities of our employees.

Case Weight:

A weight of 35 pounds or less is preferable. Cases greater than 50 pounds should be avoided.

Case Size:

Recommended dimensions in inches for the design of shipping cases are shown below. Preferred dimensions include: length of 20 inches or less, width of 14 inches or less, and height of 6 inches or less. Cases greater than 30 inches in length, 20 inches in width, and 18 inches in height should be avoided.

Wegmans case dimensions

For more information, please contact Paul Hickey, M.Ed., CPE; Wegmans Food Markets; Risk Management Department, P.O. Box 30844; Rochester, NY 14603-0844; 585-429-3287; [email protected].

Hand Holes:

Cases that weigh more than 20 pounds should have suitable hand holes to improve handling ability. Recommended hand hole size and shape is shown below. The length should be 4 inches or greater and the height should be 1.5 inches or greater. The hand hole should be located at or above the line passing through the center of mass of the loaded cases. Additionally, the box construction/strength should be suitable to withstand lifting the box with the hand hole and not tear through the hand hole.

Wegmans case hand holes dimensions