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Suffering from Crohn’s Disease, Hepatitis C, Multiple Sclerosis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Hypercholesterolemia or Ulcerative Colitis? We’re here to help. In our continuing commitment to your health, we have added a specialty pharmacy service offering dedicated pharmacists with special expertise in these products to act as your personal support member.

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Contact us at 1-866-889-5660 to sign-up and we will contact your physician or stop by your local Wegmans store to speak to your Pharmacist in person.

Health Care Providers – please contact us at the number above to call in a prescription or fax Specialty Medication prescriptions to 1‑833‑302‑1423.

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  • Delivery process
    • Our team will contact you 7 days prior to your required refill to process your order. You can contact our team to request shipment or check on an order status online or by calling 866-889-5660.
    • Customers can pick-up at a local Wegmans or have their medications delivered utilizing Wegmans Home Delivery. We can conveniently deliver to your home, work, provider’s office or to a location within the US and Puerto Rico.
    • Orders ship Monday through Friday
    • Wegmans offers convenient online tracking of your order through email or text message
  • Receiving your Delivery
    • Most packages will not require a signature, check with a team member to verify if your order will need to be signed for.
    • Orders that need to be refrigerated will arrive in a cooler. Be sure to refrigerate your order as soon as you receive it.
    • Making sure you have your medication on time is important to us. If there is a delay to your order, please contact a team member at 866-889-5660 to investigate your order.

Our team will help navigate your benefits and coverage options to help make your medication affordable.

  • Our team will help you understand your insurance benefits including:
    • Medication costs such as deductibles, co-pays and co-insurance
    • Other available discounts such as manufacturer assistance programs
    • Understand the prior authorization process and pharmacy network requirements
    • Provide recommendations for alternate therapy or filling facilities if necessary
  • Pharmacist are available during normal business hours and can provide information regarding safe and effective use of prescription medications. Pharmacists can be reached at 866-889-5660 or at any Wegmans location for an in-person consultation.  https://www.wegmans.com/stores.html
  • Adverse Effects: Our pharmacists are equipped to offer counsel on minimizing side effects and optimizing multiple drug therapies.
  • Medication Storage
    • Many specialty medications require refrigeration, be sure to store your medication as specified by the manufacturer. Consult the pharmacist with any storage questions.
  • Medication Disposal: many medications have special requirements for disposal. Please see here for FDA Recommendations:  https://www.fda.gov/drugs/safe-disposal-medicines/disposal-unused-medicines-what-you-should-know or consult with one of our pharmacists.
  • Using specialty medications to manage your condition includes having a plan in place in the event of an emergency or natural disaster.
    • Keep a list of your medications along with phone numbers for your prescriber and pharmacy
    • If possible, order your medication ahead of time before the natural disaster.
    • If your medication requires refrigeration, have a back-up storage plan such as a cooler with ice packs
    • Take medication and supplies with you if evacuation is necessary
    • Alert our team at 866-889-5660 with any contact or address changes during the emergency.
  • Recalls: In the event of a Class 1 recall, customers will be notified within 3 days via phone or mail
  • Our team of pharmacists and technicians are available to help with any questions or concerns at 866-889-5660. We are open Monday through Friday 8:30am – 9:00pm EST.

Visit manufacturer’s website for drug-specific information


Prescribers – take our voluntary satisfaction survey about Wegmans Specialty Pharmacy.

*This survey is for prescribers only. If you are a Specialty Pharmacy patient requiring immediate assistance, please call 866-889-5660.

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