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We know your pets are part of the family and we’re happy to offer you a great selection of prescribed pet medications at exceptional values.  It is as easy as…

  1.  Request your prescriptions
  2.  Bring it to our pharmacy
  3. Take pet meds home!
dog with a frisbee

Compare and save on these and more…

Rimadyl 100 mg chewable


Painful joint inflammation and degenerative joint disease for your pet.

Heartgard Plus Chew

Heartworm Protection

Heartworm protection helps your dog avoid lasting heart, lung, and artery damage.

Apoquel 16mg Tablets (Anti-Iching) Qty 30
Apoquel 16mg Tablets (Anti-Iching) Qty 30


Once-daily APOQUEL© (oclacitnib tablet) gives dogs fast, safe, relief from itching without steroid side effects.