Stay Healthy with Higi

There is strength in numbers with Higi! From monitoring your health numbers to having support with reaching your health goals, Higi is here for you every step of the way.

HiGi numbers

Higi helps you understand and own your health through digital tools and at Higi Smart Health Stations, available in Wegmans stores. Start by creating a free Higi account* at or at a station to start building out your health profile so Higi can personalize your experience! You can add your information, like what conditions you’re managing, and check your blood pressure, weight or body mass index at a Higi Station. With your free account, you can securely save your results and access them at any time.

*An account is not required to use a Higi Station.

Learn Your Risk

Be proactive with your health by taking a risk test at a Higi Station to learn your risk for common diseases, like heart disease or diabetes.

Get Results on the Go

With the Higi Mobile App, you can keep track of your results, see trends over time, and access them on the go.

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Higi Is Easy and Safe to Use

Your privacy and security are a big deal to us, and we work hard to protect them. All Higi Stations and our data storage meet healthcare security standards, including HIPAA.

To learn more, find a Higi Station at your local Wegmans store!

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