From Seed to Table

Organic Sourdough Starts with Whole Grains

We are passionate about creating authentic, deeply flavorful breads close to home. From seed to table, our sourdough bread has a story and a flavor that is uniquely ours.

Heritage Grains

Our one-of-a-kind sourdough all started with a handful of seeds that our artisan baker, Nick Greco, spent eighteen years seeking out, customizing, and perfecting. Now, we use those seeds to plant, grow, and harvest our own heritage grains. These old-world grains are what help create the best-tasting sourdough with unmatched flavor and exceptional nutrition.

Local Farmers

The grain varieties we use today were tested and perfected on a small scale at our Wegmans Organic Farm in Canandaigua, NY. By giving our seeds to local family farms, we’re able to grow enough grains to make delicious sourdough for more of our customers. Our neighbor Klaas Martens of Lakeview Organic Farm in Penn Yan, NY has worked with us on these grains since 2013, in addition to the dozen more local farmers we now partner with to grow and harvest the heritage grains for our sourdough.

Fermented for Flavor

Our sourdough loaves are allowed to naturally ferment for 48 hours without using the manufactured sourdough additives typically found in other commercially produced loaves. This slow-rise fermentation creates bolder flavor, a robust crust, and a delightfully soft interior—it’s the key to beautifully balanced flavor you’ll find in our sourdough loaves.


In the final step of our seed-to-table sourdough, our loaves are handcrafted with care by artisan bakers in our very own Wegmans Bakeshop in Rochester, NY.

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