Transferable Skills Help Veterans Find Success at Wegmans

Organization, teamwork, leadership, high standards, and dedication to serving our community are all skills valued by Wegmans. They are also just a few of the skills that define members of the United States military and its veterans. Wegmans is proud to employ hundreds of current and former service members, who use their skills to find success here. The service members we spoke with are happy to be working for a company that shares their values and appreciates their skills and backgrounds.  

Jonathan Montero

Former Marine Jonathan Montero was born and raised in Peru before moving to the states at age 18. He joined Wegmans and the Marine Corps in 2006. When asked which Wegmans core value resonates most with him, Jonathan replied, “caring about the well-being and success of every person.” He believes that creating and maintaining a positive work environment is important for employees to feel happy at work. 

Thomas Bummer

Three days after graduating high school in 2017, Thomas Bummer entered the Marine Corp. In 2020, following a medical discharge, he worked in various jobs before joining Wegmans. Thomas said that as a Marine, he learned how to work with a diverse group of people. “It helps me build great relationships with customers and makes me an effective team leader,” he said. He hopes to have an opportunity to work in every department and is excited to see what’s next. 

Ron Mac Innis

Just a few years after high school, Ron Mac Innis decided to join the military. He enlisted in the Airforce for one four-year tour in 1998, which was extended by several months due to the September 11, 2001, attacks. After leaving the military and spending time working in retail in Florida, he moved to Massachusetts and met his future wife. “She’s the one who recommended I apply to Wegmans, because she knew my values aligned with the companies’,” he recalls. He is proud to work for a company that is committed to high standards and supplies a variety of opportunities for growth.  

Garry Person

Garry Person served in the Army for six years in the 1980s. While he doesn’t mind talking about the time he served, he much prefers talking about how much he loves working at Wegmans. “It’s the people. Everyone is so nice, it’s unreal,” he said of what he values most at Wegmans. He spent years working for various retail chains before joining Wegmans and hasn’t stopped smiling since. Garry says being in the Army taught him discipline and the importance of doing your best and taking pride in what you do. “I like to make sure every donut, bagel, and muffin are perfect, like something I would want to eat, he said 

Amanda Klein

Amanda Klein, who is still an active member, joined the Army National Guard in 2004 during her junior year of high school to help pay for college. The skills that were most transferable for her were teamwork, attention to detail, and staying calm in a crisis. Amanda says she appreciates the support Wegmans provides, not just when I report to the Guard as scheduled, but year-round when I am called to serve during severe weather and other statewide or national emergencies. 

Prudhvi Yalamanchi

Prudhvi Yalamanchi is an active member of the Air Force Reserves. He says the leadership, management of resources, and strategic decision-making skills he learned in the Reserves make him successful at Wegmans, but it’s more than that. “It’s the support and encouragement I receive from Wegmans’ leadership that makes all the difference,” he said. In fact, he nominated his supervisors, Dave Barth and Mike McKeown for the Department of Defense Patriot Award, which they received in late October, for the support they have shown Prudhvi both at work and while he is on duty. 

Regardless of the path that led them to serve our country and eventually join Wegmans, they all believe the opportunity to use their skills and the support and opportunities they have at Wegmans are what make them successful people, employees, and colleagues. 

To those who risked their lives for the safety and freedom of us all, we thank you for your service, and honor you this Veterans Day.