Partnership with a Purpose

When Wegmans was looking for a new partner to produce its cherry pies, all it took was one visit to Special Touch Bakery for Bev LaRuez, Wegmans category merchant for desserts, to know they were the right people for the job.

“When we visited Special Touch Bakery, they baked off several of our recipes, and from that moment on, I knew they were the right partner for us,” explains Bev.

Special touch bakery doesn’t just make pies, they make pies with a purpose. While they’re well known throughout the Rochester community for their high-quality products, what’s really extraordinary about their pies is the purposeful employment opportunities they provide people of all abilities within the community.

“We believe everybody, regardless of their abilities should have an opportunity to be successful and feel good about their job,” says Joe Perdicho, director of bakery operations for Special Touch Bakery. “This Wegmans opportunity is transformational for us because it allows us to create jobs, generate revenue, and support what we’re doing here at the operation. This is a game changer for us.”

“They partner with us to deliver under our Wegmans brand label and that’s super important to us,” says Bev. “The way they treat their people, the way they invest in the community, is exactly what we would be doing. They are just an amazing group of people at Special Touch.”

Special Touch Bakery currently makes Wegmans’ cherry and key lime pies for all 106 stores, with much more to come in 2022.