Celebrating our Superstars

Last year, February 22 was declared Supermarket Employee Day to recognize food industry workers across the country for the work they do.

Over the past two years, grocery stores have done everything necessary to keep their doors open, respond to customer and community needs, maintain safe environments for employees and customers, and found ways to make an impact throughout their communities. Despite supply chain disruptions and workforce reductions, grocery store employees have gone above and beyond to keep their business and communities going.

At Wegmans, we want to thank each and every one of our employees for their dedication and commitment to each other and to our customers. With 106 stores across seven states, we have seen our workforce come together as a team and work through challenges we’ve never faced before.



Rochester, New York

“Our employees have never stopped leading with compassion, resilience, and our Who We Are values during one of the most uncertain times in our nation’s history. Their continued leadership and support in our stores have paved the way for safety and comfort in our customers and community.”

– Chrissy, Lyell store manager


Southern Tier, New York

“Our employees have the incredible ability to embody and support our values on a consistent basis. They have been the calm, safe haven of sanity for our customers during this chaotic time. We all have challenging days, but we always stick together.”

– Chris, Ithaca store manager


Buffalo, New York

“Whether it’s preparing for a snowstorm or helping customers celebrate a Buffalo Bills win, our employees are here, serving their community each and every day. They have been a bright light over the past two years, making a difference for each other, our customers, and the Buffalo community.”

– Chris, Alberta Drive store manager


Syracuse, New York

“Our team is committed to serving our customers, communities, and each other every day despite the challenges they’re up against.  I am so proud of my team’s dedication to fill such an essential need without hesitation. I appreciate our people so much and could not have gone through this without them!”

– Mike, Dewitt store manager


North Carolina

“Our employees have continued to deliver incredible customer service during this global pandemic, which requires both strength and bravery. I am so proud to see these employees go above and beyond for our customers, making sure they feel safe while shopping with us.”

– Hallie, Raleigh store manager



“Though their powers are not superhuman, the dedication, professionalism, and service to not only their community, but to each other is what makes our employees superheroes. On this day, we recognize our employees for the greatness they embody every day, without failure.”

– Drease, Tysons store manager



“At Wegmans, serving our communities while meeting the needs of our people is why we do what we do. Our employees have worked tirelessly to ensure we deliver the best products and service to our customers. I’m so proud of their achievements and their commitment to each other!”

– Kevin, King of Prussia store manager



“Over the past two years, our employees have helped wherever they were needed to serve our communities while keeping each other, their families and our customers safe. I am so proud of how our employees came together despite the daily challenges they faced. This teamwork is unlike anything I’ve seen in my 40 years in the grocery business.”

– Bob, Bel Air store manager


New Jersey

“Our employees commit themselves to being of service to our customers and each other every day.  They come to work with the desire to make a positive impact in the lives of others. While our business has changed over the last two years, our people have continued to show courage and kindness to our customers. Today is dedicated to our people, recognizing them for their commitment to making Wegmans a great place to work and shop.”

– Tim, Hanover store manager



“Our employees are nothing short of superheroes. Each day, as they face challenges out of their control, our New England employees continue to deliver incredible customer service and show respect for both our customers and for each other. Our superheroes wake up every day wanting to go above and beyond. In New England, there is no ‘I’ in anything we do!”

– Jeff, Burlington store manager



“Our Distribution and Transportation teams work every day to provide incredible customer service to our stores and our communities. Over the past two years, they have been challenged in a variety of ways and have delivered through it all. I am extremely proud of the work our people accomplish. They are the true embodiment of essential workers.”

– Roy, Director of Rochester Operations



“I work with such a dedicated group of people who truly care about one another.”

– Rita, Bakeshop Plant Manager



“I’m so proud of our employees in the corporate offices who have come together as one team over these past two years. Despite unprecedented supply chain challenges, we’ve had amazing results delivering customers the products they need by partnering with our store teams.”

– Anne, Health and Wellness Category Merchant