Celebrating a Decade of Trusted Partnership

When Sherry Berkley started Berkley Green, a manufacturer of laundry, dish, and household cleaners, her primary goal was to create a sustainable, non-toxic product line and educate consumers on potentially hazardous chemicals that can be found in the industry.

“Before entering this business, I had an allergic reaction to a fabric softener that landed me in the hospital,” said Sherry. “I began researching chemicals and found many sensitizers used in laundry products are tied to breast cancer. This research stimulated my desire to create my own products, free of any potentially harmful ingredients.”

Determined to change the industry, Sherry Berkley began sending samples of her products to different retailers. “I was looking to partner with a company who had high standards for quality and ethics, which is why Wegmans was the perfect fit,” said Sherry. When Dave Tantillo, Wegmans category merchant, received his product samples, he was on the hunt to find a new plant-based supplier.

“Berkley Green had, and still has, all the qualities we look for in a supplier partner,” said Dave. “Sherry lives by and operates her business based on foundational values that match ours and offers high-quality, sustainable products. Her company is also located near our stores, in Uniontown, PA.”

Berkley Green manufactures all Wegmans Brand dish, laundry detergent, laundry additives, and household cleaners. Our partnership began a decade ago, and they have been one of our most trusted suppliers ever since, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When the pandemic hit in March 2020, Sherry Berkley and her team were instrumental to our business,” said Dave. “The demand for household cleaners skyrocketed as customers were looking to take extra precautions against the virus, and Sherry made sure we had product on the shelf for our customers. During this time, many national brands weren’t able to supply our stores. Sherry stepped up to the plate and made Wegmans her number one priority, pausing production on her own brand, Berkley Green, in order to keep up with the demand for Wegmans Brand.”

“Going into the pandemic, we had an abundance of supplies,” explained Sherry. “Due to the high demand, we quickly saw our industry experience a shortage of packaging and components, causing many manufacturers to fall behind in production. We always plan out our inventory a year in advance, so this strategy worked in our favor during this time. We had plenty of supplies and chemicals to operate our business as usual and were able to supply Wegmans with the essentials.”

As we look toward the future, we expect our partnership with Berkley Green to continue to grow. With help from Sherry, we are committed to finding new and innovative cleaning solutions to offer our customers that are safe, sustainable, and a great value.