Wellness Keys

These easy-to-recognize “dots” on our Wegmans products and recipes show you how each food fits into your lifestyle and wellness planning at a glance.  Each dot alerts you to important nutritional information  Some are for everyone, like Heart Healthy or High Fiber, while others like Gluten-Free or Lactose-Free, are meant for people with specific medical needs.

allergens wellness key


Contains or may contain (we specify which of the following) Crustacean Shellfish, Eggs, Fish, Milk, Peanuts, Soy, Tree Nuts, Wheat.

Note: The allergen key is only used on Wegmans Brand packaged products, not on recipes. It appears on the back or side panel near the ingredient statement.

gluten free wellness key

Gluten Free

Ingredients are not derived from wheat, rye, barley or oats, and the final product must have <20 ppm gluten from unavoidable gluten present due to inadvertent cross contact. Used on products and recipes.

Gluten Free with Oats

Gluten Free with Oats

Ingredients are not derived from wheat, rye or barley. Contains certified gluten-free oats. The final product must have <20 ppm gluten from unavoidable gluten present due to inadvertent cross contact. Used on products.

heart healthy wellness key

Heart Healthy

Low in fat and less than 1g saturated fat, 480mg sodium and 20mg cholesterol per standard serving of an individual food. Contains at least 10% of the daily value of at least one of the following: vitamin A, C, calcium, protein or fiber. Used on products and recipes.

high fiber wellness key

High Fiber

Must be at least 5g fiber per serving of individual foods.  Used on products and recipes.

lactose free wellness key

Lactose Free

Ingredients do not contain lactose, the natural sugar found in milk. Used on products and recipes.

low salt wellness key

Low Sodium

Less than 140mg sodium per serving of individual foods. Used on products and recipes.

vegan wellness key


No ingredients have been derived from animals including, meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, or anything made from these. For example, a noodle made with eggs would not be vegan. Used on products and recipes.

Whole Grain wellness key

Both keys indicate how a serving of the recipe or product counts toward your goal of 3 ounces of whole-grain foods each day. Used on products and recipes.

Paleo Friendly

Paleo Friendly

Ingredients support a Paleo style of eating. Foods typically allowed include meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Foods typically not allowed include grains, potatoes, milk and dairy products, beans, and peas. Used on products and recipes.