Eat Well Live Well

Our mission is to inspire and support each other to enjoy healthier better lives using four simple “Eat Well Live Well” principles.

Principle 1 strive for 5 cups of fruits and vegetables

Principle 1: Strive for 5 Cups of Fruits & Vegetables

Like most Americans, you may not be getting the recommended 5 cups of fruits and veggies every day. Eating more fruits & veggies has been linked to healthier hearts, reduced risk of chronic disease, and overall good health. At Wegmans we call it “Strive for 5” to emphasize that we all need to work hard to get those 5 cups into our daily diets.

What counts as a cup?

  • 2 cups salad greens (they are airy, you need twice as much)
  • 1 cup 100% fruit or vegetable juice
  • ½ cup dried fruit or vegetables (dried is concentrated, you need half as much)
  • 1 large piece or 2 small pieces fresh fruit
  • 1 cup raw, cooked, canned, or frozen fruit or vegetables
  • 1 cup beans, peas or lentils

Tips for including more fruits & veggies:

grab-and-go fruit

Grab & Go

Keep a bowl of fruit on the counter or by the front door. Place cut-up veggies in the fridge for a quick, easy snack.

employee preparing vegetables

Be Prepared

No time to clean & chop veggies? Bagged salads, pre-cleaned and peeled, chopped or diced vegetables, mirepoix and soup mixes make it so easy!

child making fruit kabobs

Get the Kids Involved

Have your child help wash fruits & veggies, use a plastic pizza cutter to cut bell peppers, or use fingers to snap off beans and asparagus ends. Cut and arrange them into fun shapes and serve with a dip.

Principle 2 get moving

Principle 2: Get Moving

Physical activity is a key to good health. Any movement counts as physical activity. In fact, many ordinary things like cleaning the house, yard work or walking the dog qualify. Use a pedometer or fitness app how much activity you usually do. Gradually add activity over several weeks and build to a goal of 10,000 steps a day, or at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. You will be more fit and have more energy!

How we help:

hit the trail passport

Hit the Trail Passport

Our search for fun ways to get folks off the sofa was the inspiration behind our popular Hit the Trail Passport program.

Principle 3 calories count

Principle 3: Calories Count so Watch Your Portions

Diets come and go, but the bottom line is that calories really do count. Watching portions is the best way to keep calories in check, but the quality of your calories also counts.

How we help:

a half-plate healthy meal

Half-Plate Healthy

Want an easy way to watch your portions? Make all of your meals, snacks, and even desserts “Half-Plate Healthy.” This means filling half your plate with fruits & veggies, and half with anything else! This helps you work toward your Strive for 5 goal while keeping portions sizes on the other side of your plate in check.

organic greek yogurt with granola

Making Healthy Choices

We’ve put together a few calorie comparisons  to help you visualize what’s on your plate and in your cup.

Made-In-Store Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Information

Find calorie and other nutrition information for specific packaged products in our product catalog. We also provide nutrition facts for prepared foods & baked goods made in our stores.

Principle 4 measure your progress

Principle 4: Measure Your Progress

Consistently measuring your “progress” by keeping track of your “numbers” with simple tools like the bathroom scale, a tape measure or even a blood pressure cuff can help keep you motivated to stay fit and eat better.

How we help:


Our Pharmacists

A conversation with our knowledgeable pharmacists can help you understand what your numbers mean, how your medications work, and why it’s important to take them as prescribed. They are here to encourage you as you move toward a healthier, better life!

customer using the higi machine

Higi Health Station

The free, fun way to measure and track your blood pressure, pulse, weight, and BMI, located in our pharmacies. You can also track your measures and sync your fitness device using the Higi mobile app.