Making a Difference

As a family-owned company, we’re committed to helping our customers and employees live healthier, better lives through food. That commitment includes sharing food and enriching our neighborhoods in every way we can. We believe communities thrive when we all work together.

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Supporting our community

At Wegmans, we strive to make a difference in every community we serve. We’re committed to improving the lives of our customers and employees in every way we can. Since 1916, Wegmans has given back to every neighborhood where we do business.

2020 Giving—Customer, Employee & Company

We believe communities thrive when we all work together.

Community Giving
Community Giving
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Feeding the Hungry

One of our highest giving priorities is providing food for people at risk of hunger. We do this in a multitude of ways, from daily donations to food banks to seasonal checkout campaigns that allow our customers to help hungry neighbors, to annual special events, like holiday giving. Here are just a few of the ways we make our communities better and healthier through food.

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Enriching Store Neighborhoods

Supporting a variety of local fundraisers and events is the everyday way that Wegmans builds community relationships. We support local PTAs, faith-based organizations providing humanitarian support, youth sports, town celebrations, and community-built playgrounds. Whether it’s through a gift card donation or a larger sponsorship opportunity, we’re eager to lend a hand in the communities where our employees and customers live.

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Donation & Community Sponsorship Requests

Consider our five giving priorities and submit your donation or community sponsorship request online. All donation & community sponsorship requests must be submitted through our online donation request form. Wegmans does not accept written, faxed or emailed requests.

We wish we could lend our support to every request we receive, however, there are several types of requests that Wegmans is unable to accommodate.

We help make a difference through our five key giving priorities:

  1. Feeding the Hungry
  2. Helping Young People Succeed
  3. Encouraging Healthy Eating & Activity
  4. Enriching Store Neighborhoods
  5. Supporting United Way Initiatives
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Little steps, today, tomorrow, together

At Wegmans, we are aware that environmental concerns will have profound effects on the lives of our children and grandchildren.

There are no simple solutions to these challenges. Still, we all have a responsibility to be aware and be accountable. We promise to take steps to protect our world for future generations—it’s part of our commitment to make a difference in every community we serve.

Join us on this journey. As our company learns new ways to reduce, reuse and recycle our resources, we’ll share our discoveries with you. Taking steps—even little steps—together can make a difference.