Wegmans SCAN
Faster Checkout in Your Hands

Now at East Avenue, Pittsford and Chestnut Hill

Not a Shoppers Club member?

Wegmans Scan
Receive a digital coupon for five dollars off once you download and use the app

What is Wegmans SCAN?

Wegmans SCAN is a free new app that puts faster checkout in your hands.

Simply scan and bag your items as you shop, then pay at the self-checkout register, and be on your way!

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  • Enjoy a faster checkout experience
  • See your running total while you shop to stay on budget
  • Automatically see discounts come off your order
  • Bag your groceries your way!
  • Minimize usage of individual bags – bring your reusable bag every time!

Start Shopping

Shopping Instructions

  • Bring your reusable bags and use a cart
  • You must be connected to store Wi-Fi at a participating store to use the app
  • Follow a one-time on-screen prompt to connect your Shoppers Club account
  • Scan item barcodes or key in the item PLU code in the app as you shop
  • Digital coupon savings are applied automatically when you pay.  To see digital coupon savings reflected visually in your running total as you shop, touch the More button and select Apply Digital Coupons
  • Visit scales throughout the store for weighed items
  • Head to self-checkout to pay and be on your way!


Frequently Asked Questions

Wegmans SCAN is a new, free mobile app that allows you to scan and bag your groceries while you shop. After shopping the store, you can quickly and easily pay for your groceries at a self-checkout register.

As technology evolves to allow more self-service, customers are increasingly looking for options that save time and give them the ability to shop how they want.

Wegmans SCAN is now available to all customers at our East Avenue, Pittsford, and Chestnut Hill stores.

We’re planning a phased rollout of the program to additional stores, but only if it proves successful in our customers’ eyes.

Wegmans SCAN is available for download in the Apple App Store for iPhone users, and in Google Play for Android users.

No, they are separate apps and do not interact with one another.

A Shoppers Club Account is required to use the app. Wegmans SCAN can only be used to shop while connected to the Wi-Fi at a participating Wegmans store (currently available at East Avenue,Pittsford, and Chestnut Hill stores only).

Yes. Digital coupons are connected to your Shoppers Club Account, which is required to use the app. To apply digital coupons, they must first be clipped via Wegmans.com or the Wegmans app. To see your digital coupon savings reflected in your running total, select “apply digital coupons” in the Wegmans SCAN app.  Shoppers Club savings are automatically applied to your order.

All scanned items will remain in your app until your order is retrieved at a self-checkout station or until you leave the store. You can continue adding items to your list if you disconnect from the guest Wi-Fi. Item description, price, and other item details will not appear but will be automatically updated once your connection is restored.

No. You can view previous purchases and receipts through the Wegmans app or Wegmans.com.

Because you must be connected to the store Wi-Fi to use the app, please visit the service desk if you run into problems while using the app.

Once you download and use the app once, you will receive a digital coupon for $5 off.  After using Wegmans SCAN four times, you will receive a digital coupon for a free reusable bag.  Coupons will show up in your account the Monday after your first and fourth shop.