Health Screenings

Knowing your numbers is one of the first steps in living a healthy lifestyle—after all, you can’t change what you don’t measure. Our health screenings assist your employees with their health measures, including Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, BMI, and more.

  • Our pharmacist will evaluate individual risk based on current guidelines and recommend action
  • Early detection and treatment can help slow progression of disease; our pharmacist will help connect at-risk employees with the help they need
  • Immediate results: No need to wait, your employees will know their numbers before leaving your event
  • Convenient on-site events to assist you and your employees where they work
  • Online scheduling allowing employees to select a time that works best for them and your business
  • Reporting:
    • Patient-specific reporting for individual participants—allows employee to understand their risk
    • Aggregate non-patient-specific reporting for employer—allows the organization to see where the need is, as well as celebrate the successes of past wellness programs

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