Backyard BBQ

Backyard BBQ

A family cookout is a great way to celebrate the arrival of summer. Get the kids involved in planning the menu and making the meal with our kid-friendly recipes.

For Younger Kids

Let them add ingredients that have been pre-measured or pre-cut, stirring, and combining ingredients.

For Older Kids

Teach them the basics of using a grill, measuring ingredients, and helping any younger kids.

Don’t forget the Backyard Games!

Kid bowling with water bottles

Project Source and Instructions: moonfrye

Create your own DIY backyard bowling set using empty bottles and whatever ball you have on hand.

If the weather isn’t ideal for a BBQ outside, bring the festivities indoors. Let your imagination transform your living room (or any other room) into the perfect picnic spot. You can even bring the bowling inside!

Check out some great DIY ideas.

Let your little one decorate the backyard.
Download our patriotic coloring sheet

Patriotic Coloring Sheet

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