Youth & Family

Getting a healthy start

Feeding young minds and bodies is one of the best ways we can think of to give back. Here are just a few of the ways we’re helping families learn and grow.

Youth and Family

Children’s Museums & Play Spaces

Whether it’s a mini Wegmans inside one of our local museums or an outdoor playground, we’re always looking for new ways to enrich the communities we serve. Check out our many play spaces, including Wegmans Wonderplace inside the Smithsonian!

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Together, we enriched 3,034,818 minds through play last year

Youth Sports

Healthier, better lives aren’t just for grown-ups! That’s why we support youth sports for children of all abilities, 18 years and younger, through Girls on the Run, Special Olympics, Challenger Baseball, and various other sports leagues and tournaments.

Local Sponsorships

We love to help families spend time together, which is why we support a variety of community organizations and programs, including healthy eating initiatives, town concert series, theater and music programs, cause-based walks and runs, and our Hit the Trail Passport program.

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