Making a Difference by Enriching  Neighborhoods

Good neighbors lead to great communities

Being a good neighbor in the communities where our employees and customers live is the everyday way at Wegmans.

Enriching Neighborhoods

Local Sponsorships

We support town celebrations, faith-based organizations that provide humanitarian support, and local United Ways, among others. Whether it’s through a gift card donation or a larger sponsorship opportunity, we’re eager to lend a hand.

Together, we're helping hundreds of communities grow stronger

Disaster Relief

When it comes to disaster relief aid, we focus our efforts on disasters that directly affect the communities where we have stores. It’s not the size of the disaster that matters, but the impact we can make. From flooding in our local communities to winter snowstorms, we’re ready to help get our neighborhoods back to normal.

Supporting United Way, Feeding America food banks, and the American Red Cross in every community we serve makes it possible for these national organizations to help when disaster strikes.

United Way

Our commitment to United Way is embedded in the culture of our company. For decades, Wegmans and its employees have been contributing to local United Way agencies in all our market areas because it remains the most efficient way to get needed funds to agencies that get measurable results.

In 2021, more than $8.5 million was distributed to a total of 36 local United Way agencies through weekly employee payroll deductions and a corporate gift.

See all the ways we’re making a difference, together.